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Full Circle of Care Caregiver Website: Respite for Caregivers

Sometimes just getting a break is all that you need. Sometimes getting a break is what makes everything work. That's what respite is - a break for caregivers.

Respite is the provision of temporary relief to family members and other primary caregivers caring for an impaired individual at home. It can be "group respite" where supervised activities are offered in a supportive and safe environment outside the home or it can be "individual respite" provided by an agency worker, volunteer, or friend within the home. There is also a service called "institutional respite" where your family member is temporarily placed in a long-term care facility or hospital to provide the caregiver with relief from caregiving responsibilities.

The availability of all three types of respite varies from county to county. Contact your local Caregiver Specialist or Information & Assistance Specialist to see what is available in your community.